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SM Services is now a rapidly growing company that thrives in an ever-changing environment and is prepared to adapt to any conditions and challenges of the modern world.

Our corporate statements

SM Services is offering moving, delivery, assembly, installation, and related services for the corporate mission of facilitating all the difficulties clients might face in the process, delivering the best customer experience in the industry, and improving people’s quality of life
SM Services is committed to follow the company values: flexibility, reliability, and effectiveness. The company is dedicated to provide customer-specific services with a high level of safety, respons ibility, urgency, and cost-effective pricing.
SM Services has the vision to simplify the process of moving goods and valuable belongings to a stress-free procedure that would leave a client with nothing but satisfaction.
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Our competitive advantage

Why choose SM Services?

Time flexibility

Responding 24/7 and being ready to work at hours convenient for you.

Work flexibility

Working on any projects of any scale if it is a half-hour or a multiple-day move.


Offering up to 5 various services as a single service package in a timely manner.


Charging a pre-estimated negotiated flat price. No deposit. No hidden fees.

Emergency moving

Starting to work on emergency orders within an hour after a call.


Serving clients anywhere in Southern Ontario within 500 km range from London.