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You just saw a fancy IKEA drawer on someone’s Instagram or TikTok and you want the same one, but you live in London and the closest IKEA is in Burlington. After 3 hours driving, $50 for gas and a couple of hours spent in IKEA you find your IKEA drawer to be a “golden” one. Simply knowing about SM Services would save you a lot of time, money and nerves! Even if you want to buy an elephant, we will find a way to deliver it to you as long as it is in Canada!

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Our biggest advantage is full service. You do not need to worry about carrying things to the basement or upstairs once they are delivered, you do not need to worry about assembling furniture or installing appliances. However, if you want to assemble or install by yourself or involve other companies – we will never insist on using us.

Another HUGE advantage of SM Services is having flat rates and no hidden fees!

As long as all conditions in the contract/invoice are addressed – the agreed price will never change. For example, if we said that we will deliver a fridge for $60, even if it takes longer because of traffic congestion or weather conditions, or some other interruptions, we will still charge only $60 for our service.

Our competitive advantage

Why choose SM Services?

Time flexibility

Responding 24/7 and being ready to work at hours convenient for you.

Work flexibility

Working on any projects of any scale if it is a half-hour or a multiple-day move.


Offering up to 5 various services as a single service package in a timely manner.


Charging a pre-estimated negotiated flat price. No deposit. No hidden fees.

Emergency moving

Starting to work on emergency orders within an hour after a call.


Serving clients anywhere in Southern Ontario within 500 km range from London.

Pickup & Delivery

 SM Services does all possible types of pickup and delivery services. We do delivery from retail stores like IKEA, Walmart, The Brick, Home Depot, Costco and many others. We can also deliver from private sellers, for example, someone sales a couch or a TV – we can pay for order as long as it is not more than $1000, you can pay us later when we deliver the item to you.

Furniture Delivery

We can deliver furniture from stores or private sellers. When stores usually put furniture in the loading area, private sellers sometimes cannot move it from a basement or upstairs – no worries, we will do it! We never make conditions like “bring it here”, “move it there”, “we just do the delivery, you load – you unload”, “we bring it only to the first floor” etc. NO! WE DO EVERYTHING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!

Appliances Delivery

The most common appliances needed to be delivered are fridges, stoves, washing machines, and dryers. No need to rip apart the leather interior in your car and injure your back while lifting a fridge, we will deliver it to you quickly and for an affordable price. Using our services will save you money, health, and give you peace of mind.

Commercial Delivery

If you are a contractor who installs drywall in a basement – the last thing you want to do is to load drywalls in a truck by yourself and bring it to the basement with your muscles. Very few drywalls will be not damaged, all walls will be scratched, and pain in the back is guaranteed. Your chiropractor, landlord, and your wallet would recommend SM Services to do this job for you. Other businesses are not just our clients, but also our colleagues. We always offer cooperation in growing businesses and helping each other improving and being successful.

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FAQ about Delivery

Ask us anything about Delivery or check out our FAQ’s below to find the answer you are looking for.
What Is Full-Service Furniture Delivery?
Full-service delivery means a truck is scheduled to arrive at your house, the furniture is unloaded/unboxed/assembled by our crew, then placed in your room exactly where you want it. Our job isn’t done until you’re satisfied with the look of your room. The reason this option costs extra is because the delivery costs are not included in the price of the furniture. When you pay for full-service delivery you’ll know: The exact time your furniture will be delivered. (Receive a call 1 hour before) Your furniture will be unboxed, put together, and placed in your room by professionals. Nothing will be left outside in the rain. With free furniture delivery services London ON, all of these factors are up in the air.
Is it cheaper to move furniture or buy new?
We should say that if you’re having a local move or a short-distance move, you’ll save money by moving your furniture instead of buying new. If your move is cross-country, this is where you should be considering the alternative.
How to Prepare My Home or Office for a Furniture Delivery
Once your delivery is scheduled, you’ll want to prepare your home or office for the arrival. You can do this by taking measurements of the items and your doorways to find the best route into your home. Make sure the area is clear and easily accessible, giving the movers enough space to move and assemble the items. Take down any pictures or wall decorations in the delivery path to protect your belongings. New furniture can make a statement, complete a room, and bring people together. Let us help you make the process of buying new furniture as smooth as possible. Click below to learn about the professional furniture delivery London ON services offered by Classic Moves.
I am worried my furniture will be damaged whilst in the van, can you protect them whilst in transit?
We can. We will offer protective sheets and blankets and load the van so that your furniture is safe.
Can you help me assemble and disassemble furniture?
Yes we can help with the assemble and disassembly of furniture. For this service we charge an hourly rate. Please contact us for more information.
Do you provide Large Goods Delivery?
Nowadays, shopping is easy online. You can compare and choose your perfect cooker, fridge or washing machine. However, sometimes “online” is not the next door, but 200 miles away. Large goods delivery is not the simplest of tasks to arrange. Here we come in place and will do everything needed to deliver a stress-free experience.